This is the first project collaboration which I’ve done
with Lukre Range, dj and sound designer.
We were chosen from Synthetic Velvet
to express together our point of view about
the ‘Golden-Hour’
(the last hour of sunlight in the day).

Lukre Range and I worked on this project during
the lockdown period in Berlin.
We were influenced by Pandemic situation about Covid-19,
trying to figured out which will be the best connection
to explain this deepest and darkest time
that we’re passing through during this critical global issue.

Our Project talked about the fight between
nature and humanity.
That humanity that keep using our world
as a source of economic sustenance, which will lead
to the total destruction of ourselves and our planet.
Nature take over Humanity, accompanied by the chaos
that now reigns uncontrolled.

Thanks to Synthetic Velvet,
Monika and Audrey for having us.
Other partecipanti:

Alice Brazzit
Audrey Kadjar
Monica Montanari
Pauline Maure
Refracted Music
Señora Music

RF. berlin, germany